One Minute Fly goes crowdfunding

18. November 2014

Our fundraising campaign has just started! Please support us and help us make ‘The One Minute Fly Show’ come true:

As mentioned before, we believe that the One Minute Fly has great potential for new stories. After all there are lots of other One Minute Flies out there. Each one is a unique character with its own aims in life. And you can help to make their stories come true.

In this project 6 new OMF episodes are supposed to be produced during a period of one year (One episode of 2 to 3 minutes is a time consuming task and needs 2 months to get finished). Each episode will be available on the existing YouTube channel as soon as it is completed.

In addition, there are great rewards waiting for you. Just go to the campaign website and find out more and find out more.

We’ve got 35 days now to reach our funding goal. But as we all now, and the Fly knows it best, time is rushing by fast. If we don’t reach it we won’t make the show.

So please, if you like this project, contribute soon and spread the word among your friends! Many thanks!