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Dance of Life We made it! The first episode “Fly To The Moon” is finished. Now we are aiming for the second episode: "Dance of Life". Therefore, we need to reach the 7.000 Euro stretch goal. You can find more information about our stretch goals further below. There is still some way to go, but we are confident that we can make it, together. Of course, we still offer rewards as a thank you for your donations as listed below.

Wishing you all the best!
Michael Reichert (the filmmaker)

Note: Do not check 'Anonymous gift' if you would like to get one of the digital rewards. Otherwise we won't be able to send your rewards to your email. Paypal provides a secure connection for your donation. Your donation goes to Michael Reichert, the filmmaker. We are happy to answer any questions:

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Stretch Goals

If we reach an amount of 7.000 €, we can even make two episodes. The more we get, the more episodes we are able to make. Stretch Goals   seperator

How the money will be spent

How the money will be spent
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To keep the costs as low as possible, we had to let go of all the physical rewards, such as the plush toy, t-shirts, printed DVDs. However, we still want to give you some of the digital rewards as an extra thank you. The benefit is: You will get most of them already in the beginning of 2015! Reward List