Change of Scenery

Hi there! Here are your One Minute Fly wallpapers. You can choose between three images which are available in different sizes and for different devices. Just click on the images below to access the according wallpaper pages. Enjoy!


‘Episode #One’ Wallpaper

Wallpaper - Episode #1

This one belongs to the first episode and surely is a must-have. If you feel dreamy and hopeful like this little fly in its cozy egg does, then this is the right wallpaper for you.


‘Enjoy Life!’ Wallpaper

Enjoy Life Wallpaper

If you are bored of the rainy weather outside this is your wallpaper. Bring some sunshine and color into your home and onto your devices. Enjoy life! The One Minute Fly definitely knows how to do it.


‘Get Some Love’ Wallpaper

Get Some Love Wallpaper

The One Minute Fly loves you! It shows you everyday and everytime you start your device. <3