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We can do it

23. December 2014
We can do it

The Indiegogo campaign for ‘The One Minute Fly Show’ has come to an end. Hereby we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all your support and encouragement! Unfortunately we haven’t reached our ambitious funding goal and the series will not be produced.

But: For those of you who still would like to see the first episode ‘Fly to the moon’ we offer a solution. You now have the opportunity for a donation to help make at least the first episode. You can find more information on

~ Sorry, the donation link has expired ~

The OMF Show Christmas Teaser

18. December 2014

If you want to see more adventures of the ‘One Minute Fly’, now is your last chance! Please contribute to our crowdfunding project for ‘The One Minute Fly Show’ which ends on Dec. 22nd 2014. Visit

Title of the first episode revealed!

1. December 2014

The One Minute Fly in this episode has a really big dream. It wants to fly to the moon in only one minute. It may seem impossible, but we will hopefully see how the story ends.

If you also like to see this episode, please support our crowdfunding campaign ‘The One Minute Fly Show’ on